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Fire Risk Assessment Birmingham

All non-residential properties in Birmingham are required to meet the standards of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. To meet these standards, owners of commercial and industrial properties need quality fire risk assessment services, which we at Acorn Safety Services Health & Safety provide.

Our fire risk assessments are carried out by the most experienced professionals in our team, who can help you to make the necessary arrangements to make your non-residential property in Birmingham a place that is safe for all those who work there day-in and day-out.


The Reasons to Choose Acorn Health & Safety for Fire Risk Assessment

Identification of Fire Hazard Possibilities:

There can be several elements within a building or the premises of a property in Birmingham that can contribute to potential fire hazards in the future.

We identify these possibilities and tell it as it is to the owners, who can then take steps to minimize the risks of fire hazards.

Determination, Evaluation and Reduction of Risks:

Fire risk assessments are necessary not just for the identification of possible fire hazards in the future but also for the evaluation of the risks posed by potential fire hazards to people.

Once our team evaluates the risks involved for the people working at your non-residential property in Birmingham, we can take steps to reduce those risks to make the property safe for all involved.


Formulation of Emergency Plans:

No matter how you sure up your property against the threat of fire hazards, a fire can still breakout due to inexplicable reasons. To ensure safety in such an event, we formulate emergency plans so that they can be executed if necessary at the last minute, saving numerous lives in the process.

Training to Deal with Potential Fire Hazards:

People caught in the midst of a fire hazard generally panic. Along with fire risk assessment services in Birmingham, we also provide thorough training, enabling people to deal with a fire hazard in a calm and collected manner.

Choose Acorn Safety Services Health & Safety today for the best fire risk assessment services in Birmingham.

Our services have helped many people and their properties in the past, and we look forward to helping you as well.


Acorn did a fantastic job. All 54 surveys and an additional 30 surveys were completed on time and within budget.
Fire Risk Assessments Birmingham
– Simon Bligh (Project Manager)


Reasons to Use Acorn

  • Here to help you become CDM compliant
  • Here to identify any gaps within your CDM and safety compliance procedures
  • We are a fully independent Health & Safety Consultancy
  • We provide impartial, best practise advice no matter what we find

Our Core Values

Quality – Implement excellence in everything we do
Integrity – Be honest and truthful
Respect – Treat others how we wish to be treated
Teamwork – Work together for the benefit of the team
Innovation – Innovate to always be leading our industry

Our Vision

To be the obvious choice for asbestos consultancy and Health & Safety services in the UK.

Our Mission

Ensuring safety above profit. Keeping quality within the core of everything we do. Guaranteeing speed in the delivery of our services.