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Legionella Risk Assessment

Do I need a Legionella Risk Assessment?

It is a legal duty to carry out an assessment to identify and assess whether there is a risk posed by exposure to legionella. As an employer or the duty holder for a building or premises, you are required to undertake suitable and sufficient precautions to prevent or control the risk of exposure to legionella.

A risk assessment for legionella must be carried out to identify and assess the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems on your premises and any precautionary measures needed.

Undertaking a legionella risk assessment is your responsibility and will assist you to identify any potential legionella risks. Your legionella risk assessment will help you carry out appropriate controls to prevent or minimise the risk of exposure.

What is a Legionella Risk Assessment?

It is a legal duty to carry out a legionella risk assessment on hot and cold water systems or any work associated with them. The legionella risk assessment should include all aspects of the hot and cold water systems including their operational functions. 

The legionella risk assessment is designed to provide a documented and pragmatic approach to:

  • Identify, quantify and assess the potential sources of risk of exposure to the Legionella bacteria
  • Assessing the existing control measures already in place such as service records, cleaning and monitoring regimes
  • Assessing the level of training, awareness and competence in regards the management of Legionella
  • Provide guidance on any remedial actions to reduce any potential exposure

During the legionella risk assessment carried out by one of our qualified legionella risk assessors, we will undertake a complete survey of your premises.

The survey will look for any non-Water Regulations Approval Scheme approved fittings, poor cold water tank or hot water cylinder conditions, temperature profiling and accessibility to all areas that require monitoring and maintenance by law.

The results of this inspection will be used to make recommendations to you on how they improve their prevention and control measures.

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How much does a Legionella Risk Assessment cost?

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Legionella Risk Assessment
Legionella Risk Assessment 2

Legionella Risk Assessment – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve outlined some commonly asked questions about Legionella Risk Assessments. Still got a question, contact us and request a call back from one of our Legionella Consultants.

What is Legionella Bacteria?

Legionella bacteria is a naturally occurring microscopic single-celled organism. Legionella bacteria are widespread and found in natural water systems such as streams, rivers, reservoirs, lakes and ponds however they are usually in low numbers.  Since legionella bacteria can be found within the natural environment it may contaminate and multiple in purpose-built water systems. These bacteria thrive in warm temperatures and low oxygen levels. It is this legionella bacteria found in the water which is the cause of Legionnaires disease.

Where is there a risk from Legionella?

There is a potential risk of legionella within any water system that has the right conditions which could be a source of legionella growth. There is a potential legionella risk in a water system when:

  • Water is stored or re-circulated
  • Water temperature is between 20–45 °C
  • Rust, sludge, scale and organic matters are present
  • Conditions are right to encourage bacteria to multiply
  • Water droplets can be produced and dispersed (e.g showers, areosols etc)
  • Employees, residents, visitors etc are more susceptible to infection due to age, illness, a weakened immune system who could be exposed to any contaminated water droplets.
How much does a legionella risk assessment cost?

This depends on a number of factors. When determining how much a legionella risk assessment costs, some factors such as the type of building, the use of the building and the size of the building (square metre/square foot) need to be considered.

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Who is responsible for a legionella risk assessment?

The Health and Safety Executive’s approved code of practice (ACOP) Legionnaires’ disease
The control of legionella bacteria in water systems states that the “dutyholder” is responsible for ensuring a legionella risk assessment is carried out. You are the dutyholder if you are either of the following:

(A)  You are the Employer, where the risk from their undertaking is to their employees or others; or
(b)  You are a self-employed person, where there is a risk from their undertaking to themselves or others; or
(c)  You are the person who is in control of the premises or systems in connection with work, where there is a risk from systems in the building, eg where a building is let to tenants, but the landlord keeps responsibility for its maintenance. 

All employers, landlords or premises managers have a duty to understand and manage Legionella risk within their workplace. They need to ensure that they conduct a regular water system risk assessment.

What types of systems are included in a legionella risk assessment? 

A legionella risk assessment should inspect locations where water is used or stored; and where there is a means of creating and transmitting water droplets (aerosols) which may be inhaled, causing a reasonably foreseeable risk of exposure to legionella bacteria.

The following locations should be included where present:

  • Cooling systems with cooling towers
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Dry/wet cooling systems
  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Spa pools
  • Other plant and systems containing water that can create and increase the risk from legionella during operation or when being maintained
Who can do a legionella risk assessment? 

To undertake a legionella risk assessment, you must have the competence (knowledge and skills) to fulfil your health and safety duties, eg take responsibility for managing the control scheme, then you should make reasonable enquiries to satisfy yourself of their competence in the area of work before entering into any contracts for the treatment, monitoring, and cleaning of the system, and any other aspects of water treatment and control. An illustration of levels of service to expect from water treatment companies can be found here Legionella Control Association.

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