We can protect you from Health & Safety breaches

We all know Health & Safety is a serious matter but all too often company bosses treat the subject with a sense of weariness or complacency.

When directors are trying to juggle the complexities of running their day-to-day operation whilst managing their strategic goals, Health & Safety can easily become something that slips off their agenda.

As fully independent health, safety and CDM consultants you would expect us to keep up to date with all the latest regulations and Health & Safety developments. With this in mind we regularly visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website which features updates about the firms that have been prosecuted for Health & Safety breaches.

Cost of Health & Safety breaches

In November 2020 alone the HSE published details of 21 court cases in which British firms were fined a combined total of nearly £2.5 million. The cases included three instances where workers had sustained fatal injuries at work. The individual company fines included fines of up to £850,000 for cases involving a fatality, up to £300,000 for breaches involving life-threatening injuries or people suffering permanent nerve damage and a £125,000 where an employee had lost part of their finger.

There were also several instances where not only were firms fined but individuals, such as company directors and project managers, were given suspended custodial sentences or community orders for unpaid work and ordered to pay thousands of pounds in court costs.

We’re not sharing this information to scare anyone but because in many prosecutions brought by the HSE you see time and again companies receiving large fines for Health and Safety breaches that could have been avoided.

Don’t be overwhelmed by Health & Safety requirements

We know that firms can find the topic of Health & Safety to be a minefield. It can feel overwhelming and it’s tempting to think that nothing is ever going to happen to your firm or your staff but without the proper Health & Safety measures in place you are putting your company and your employees at risk.

Here at Acorn Safety Services we can help you to become Health & Safety compliant and help you to identify any gaps within your Health & Safety compliance procedures.

Our friendly team are proud to remain a fully independent and highly accredited company. Leveraging the 60 years of experience our management team brings to the table, we take the stress out of managing your Health & Safety obligations, with a streamlined and comprehensive support service to ensure you can focus your time on what you do best.

We are one of the few fully independent health, safety and CDM consultants – which means that we strategise with you, recommend solutions that we know will work best for your business and have access to the whole of the market when it comes to delivering truly impartial advice.

We are specialists in all aspects of business Health & Safety, Construction Design and Management (CDM) consultancy, construction site safety and fire risk assessments. So, whether you require ongoing support, need help working through an internal controls process or need assistance and advice to support the development of your business we are here to help.

If you need health and safety advice visit http://acornhealthandsafety.co.uk/ or contact us at info@acornhealthandsafety.co.uk or on 01604 930380.

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