Shining a light on the solar energy farm which will power more than 12,000 homes

Shining a light on solar energy project

WITH work now getting underway on the cutting-edge, multi-million pound Litchardon Cross Solar Energy Park in Devon,  Acorn Safety Services has been drafted in to act as the project’s health and safety and construction, design and management (CDM) consultants.

Once complete, the solar farm, which covers 150 acres of farmland, will export clean energy to the local grid network and generate enough electricity to power more than 12,000 homes.

It’s an ambitious, exciting project, and Acorn Safety Services is delighted to be playing a leading role as the project’s health and safety partner.

Investing in a greener future

The effects of the solar energy park will be significant, with 100,000 solar panels displacing more than 15,000 tonnes of C02 emissions – or the equivalent of 5,428 cars driving 15,000 miles each per year.

As well as supplying clean power to nearby homes, the park will feature a new woodland, hedgerow and grassland habitat making it the perfect place for birds and wildlife to thrive.

A grassland area, which will become a haven for bees and butterflies, will help to rest the land before it turns back to agricultural use when the temporary consent comes to an end.

Work is now underway

Work finally began on the site in August and Acorn Safety Services has been brought in to help manage health and safety and ensure the wellbeing of everybody involved.

It’s a complex job and the site is vast. Due to the size, and nature of the site, several compound areas are being built to protect contractors working on the site and to make sure that sufficient parking and material storage is available.

The movement of vehicles such as diggers and other large construction vehicles on small, rural roads around the site is difficult and Acorn Safety Services have put a traffic management plan in place to ensure that all vehicles can move around the site freely and safely.

As health and safety consultants for this ambitious project, Acorn Safety Services, led by Health and Safety Manager, John Crockett, is providing a full range of additional services including completion of all CDM documents, support with risk assessments, inductions and issuing permits for hot works and excavations.

It is hoped worked will be complete on the Litchardon Solar Energy Park by Spring next year.

Looking ahead

These are exciting times for the business as on the back of are work with the Litchardon Solar Energy Farm project, Acorn Safety Services has already been engaged to work on a similar site for the client in Worcestershire, with work expected to start in January 2023.

Acorn Safety Services is made up of a team of dedicated professionals who can help support on any project – however large or small.

We can arrange an appointment quickly – within a week in most cases but sometimes within 24 hours and can also visit you on-site to help with any construction needs. As Acorn Safety Services is one of the last fully independent health and safety consultancies, you can relax in the knowledge that any advice we give you is with your best interests at heart.

Acorn Safety Services offers a complete health and safety consultancy with services including legionella testing and asbestos management, and with offices in Northampton, London and Wolverhampton and a team of experts travelling across the UK, we are perfectly placed to support your business or your next project.

Whatever your health and safety needs, we are always here to help and we’re looking forward to taking your call.

For all your health and safety needs visit today or contact us at or on 01604 930380.

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