Pre-construction advice

Pre-construction advice

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Pre-construction information is health and safety information that is already in the client’s possession or which is reasonably obtainable.

It provides a basis for the preparation of the Construction Phase Plan (CPP).  It must be relevant, have an appropriate level of detail and be proportionate given the nature of risks to health or safety involved in the project.

It is needed by the designers and contractors who are bidding for work or have already been appointed to work on a project.

Who is responsible for pre-construction advice?

The client has the main responsibility for pre-construction information. However, the project’s Principal Designer must help and advise the client. The Principal Designer should help the Client bring the information the Client already holds (such as any existing Health and Safety File or asbestos survey) together.

What should the Principal Designer do with the pre-construction advice?

The Principal Designer should:

  • Assess the adequacy of existing information
  • Advise the clients on how to fill any gaps in the information
  • Provide the necessary information promptly and in a convenient form to help the project’s designers and contractors

What should happen to pre-construction information once a project is under way?

Pre-construction Information should be added to as the design process progresses and reflect new information about the risks to health or safety and how they should be managed. Preliminary information gathered at the start of the project is unlikely to be sufficient.

What should completed pre-construction information include?

When pre-construction information is complete it must include information about:

  • The project, such as the client brief and key dates of the construction phase
  • The planning and management of the project such as the resources and time being allocated to each stage of the project and the arrangements to ensure there is cooperation between duty holders and that the work is coordinated
  • The health and safety hazards of the site, including design and construction hazards and how they will be addressed
  • Any relevant information in an existing Health and Safety File.

The information should be in a convenient form and be clear, concise and easily understandable to help other duty holders involved in the project to carry out their duties.

Appendix 2 of HSE L-153 gives further guidance on the requirements relating to Pre-Construction Information.

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