How can you protect your firm from Government Health and Safety Regulations?

Many businesses are growing increasingly frustrated with an ever-increasing workload generated by more and more Government health and safety regulations. Keeping up to date with the latest regulations can be a minefield for firms and when things go wrong, business owners are left facing the risk of prosecution, fines or even jail. In 2020 businesses have had even more to contend with due to the additional requirements placed upon them to make their workplaces ‘Covid-Secure’.

It is estimated 97% of businesses will never reach full health and safety compliance – it’s not their fault, they just haven’t got the time or knowledge to do it all themselves.

With the Government cracking down more on health and safety breaches, firms need cost effective ways to safeguard themselves now more than ever before.

Where can my business get help?

Acorn Safety Services has helped hundreds of business owners to become health and safety compliant without them having to do the hard work or making mistakes. We know that, whilst firms are looking for protection, they may not necessarily want the overhead of a full-time employee so we have put together a special package to assist companies. We provide a Retained Health and Safety Consultant Service which gives firms a support package that works for them and ensures they will be health and safety compliant in no time.

Why trust us?

Our team is expertly overseen by John Crockett IMaPS, SIIRSM RSP, ACIOB, who has more than 40 years’ experience in the field of health and safety. Members of our team have worked with businesses in a wide variety of sectors, including aviation, education, rail, local authorities, hospitals and nuclear power stations. They have also assisted firms in the construction industry to manage their health and safety needs on projects up to the value of £2bn.

What does the Acorn support package entail?

Acorn provides different basic options which are tailored to different types and sizes of businesses. We have created packages that will suit most business requirements but we can customise bespoke packages too.

Our Gold level package includes:

  • an initial health and safety review
  • a ‘Competent Person’ certificate to show you have appointed a professional Health and Safety expert and help you win more business
  • an annual consultation with one of our experts to discuss your ongoing requirements and identify any additional needs
  • regular updates on legislative changes to Health and Safety and best practice procedures
  • a bespoke Health and Safety document
  • an asbestos compliance audit
  • unlimited advice when you need it
  • preparation of 10 of your general risk assessments
  • preparation of 10 of your COSHH assessments
  • assistance with two pre-qualification and tendering questionnaires a month
  • three flexible company internal visits

Our Platinum level package includes all these features plus:

  • an asbestos starter pack 
  • a fire risk assessment of your company premises
  • the production of an asbestos management plan

In addition, all our retained Health and Safety Consultant clients also get preferential rates on all our other services.

Our promise

We promise that clients who complete everything we advise them to do will receive their money back – no questions asked – if they do not achieve full health and safety compliance within a 12-month period.

To begin with, all we require is a three-month commitment and then after that it’s a monthly contract. If after the first three months you have everything covered you can cancel. We’re confident that if you’re happy with the service you will stay with us.

So, don’t be one of the 97% of firms who are failing to comply with current health and safety regulations. Reassure yourself that your firm is following best practice and receiving the latest advice and guidance by getting us involved with your business today!

To get help with becoming health and safety compliant contact us today or click here for more information!

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