Focus on Health and Safety Consultant Scott Murrin

Health and safety consultant Scott Murrin

At Acorn Safety Services we are incredibly proud of our award-winning team of health and safety consultants.

Our health and safety consultants provide an incredible range of services to clients in the construction industry and in a wide variety of other areas, including retail, education, rail, airports, healthcare, offices and residential.

An ever-growing demand from clients for our support has led to our team expanding and we were thrilled to recently welcome Scott Murrin who has joined us as a Health and Safety Consultant.

Scott is highly qualified and has nearly a decade of experience of working in the health and safety industry.

Since joining us, Scott has been busy getting to know our diverse range of clients, but we managed to catch up with him to find out how he got involved in the industry.

What were you doing before you joined Acorn as a Health and Safety Consultant?

I’ve been working in health and safety roles since about 2013. Before I joined Acorn, I was working as a Health and Safety Officer for a pneumatics firm where I was responsible for overseeing all their health and safety needs onsite.

I ensured that everyone was safe on the shop floor and carried out all the safety inspections and internal audits. I also had to make sure they were Covid-19 compliant. I enjoyed sharing my expert health and safety knowledge with the company directors and the wider team.

Prior to that I’d been working as a Project Health and Safety Manager for a technical solutions company which worked with a lot of high profile organisations, including Marks & Spencer, the Museum of London and Highcross shopping centre in Leicester.

I would oversee ongoing projects ensuring the safety of all involved as well as making sure the project was on track to be completed within the set time scale and to the correct specification.

I also carried out health and safety audits and fleet audits. I’ve also worked as a Contracts Manager on a Regus contract at its 100-plus sites across the UK.

Why did you want to become a Health and Safety Consultant?

Even in the early days of my career, when I wasn’t working in roles that were specific to health and safety, I was mindful of health and safety. My first job was working as a Machine Operator for Church’s Shoes – even though I wasn’t in a health and safety role then I had to be aware of risk assessments and wear PPE. I think whatever someone’s role is they should be conscious of health and safety.

My passion for health and safety goes back to my teens. When I was 16 I was on holiday with some friends and one of them fell off a balcony. He ended up in a coma for six weeks and was left paralysed down one side. Fortunately, he is okay today, but it was a horrendous time.

The barrier along the balcony wasn’t high enough and I remember thinking more could have been done to prevent the accident happening. Ever since then I’ve wanted to do whatever I can to improve health and safety and keep people safe.

I’m a firm believer that whatever environment people are working in, they should go to work safe and come home again safe. That’s what their loved ones will be expecting to happen so I’m keen to make sure working environments are safe for everyone.

Why did you want to join Acorn Safety Services as a Health and Safety Consultant?

In my previous roles I was the only person responsible for health and safety onsite. I wanted to join Acorn Safety Services as a Health and Safety Consultant so I could work as part of a wider health and safety team.

I am a Technical Member of IOSH and have a number of health and safety qualifications. These include the NEBOSH General Health and Safety certificate, the NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management certificate, the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) and the Lloyd’s Register ISO45001 Internal Auditor qualification. Joining Acorn Safety Services gives me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge even further. The team here are so knowledgeable and we all come from different backgrounds and industries.

Acorn also has many construction clients which I’m particularly excited about. There are so many risks associated with construction and with my experience I can support construction clients to help make their sites safer.

Another thing which attracted me to Acorn Safety Services is how efficiently they respond to clients. In some organisations it can take a long time for health and safety issues to be dealt with – sometimes you can be waiting six weeks for a report to come back.

When clients come to Acorn Safety Services, we respond to them quickly and get a report back to them within 48 hours. I find this very exciting because if a client needs help with health and safety they can’t afford to wait. If they’re waiting and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) turn up unexpectedly it can cause them a lot of problems. However, if they’re working with us, they can get a report within 48 hours and be on the road to compliance.

What have you done with Acorn Safety Services since you joined as a Health and Safety Consultant?

I joined Acorn in the middle of October and since then I’ve been busy doing lots of fire risk assessments on commercial and domestic properties, including flats, shops and cafes. I’ve also completed health and safety inspections on construction sites and at warehouses.

I’ve also been getting to know our team and the processes that are in place at Acorn. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful.

What do you enjoy most about your role as a Health and Safety Consultant?

I get satisfaction from giving someone guidance and seeing them act upon it. I also enjoy the paperwork side of things. I’m keen to make sure clients have a register of their documents because it makes it so much easier to find things if they need documents urgently.

I like to ensure that people have things like evacuation plans to hand. It concerns me that some places don’t have them and I worry about what will happen if they have a fire or an emergency – it’s important that plans are put in place for these types of incidents.

In my previous roles I’ve also taken pride in making sure that workers are made aware of risk assessments and sign off on them because we’ve seen that bring accidents down. In one case we saw the number of accidents associated with a particular machine fall by 25% after workers went through the risk assessment.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m a passionate Leeds United fan so I go to their games whenever I can. I also enjoy days out with my family and spending time with family and friends.

If you need health and safety advice visit today or contact us at or on 01604 930380.

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