Health and safety: Experts’ best-selling books are essential reading for all

Experts books on health and safety are essential reading for all

AS well as being part of one of the UK’s leading asbestos consultancies, Acorn Safety Service’s directors Ian Stone and Neil Munro have also written best-selling books on legionella and health and safety.

The books, which include their five-star rated title Fear and Loathing of Health and Safety and their latest book, Legionella: The Dark Arts, have quickly become essential reading to anyone involved in facilities management and health and safety.

For World Book Day, we explain more about the books available and how they can help you take the next step on your journey towards asbestos and health and safety compliance with complete confidence.

Everything you need to know about legionella

To mark World Book Day, Ian and Neil have launched their new book Legionella: The Dark Arts – an essential guide to anyone with a responsibility for facilities management or health and safety.

Throughout the book, Ian and Neil offer helpful advice about the hidden dangers of legionella, which can exist – and thrive – in any water supply.

Where this does happen, people using the supply are at risk of inhaling or ingesting infected water droplets which can go on to cause Legionnaires’ Disease – a potentially fatal virus which is a particular risk for the elderly or those whose immune systems are compromised.

To ensure your water system is safe, regular water monitoring is a must, something the experts at Acorn Safety Services can help you with.

Neil said: “The book is meant to be a comprehensive guide, detailing the risks associated with Legionnaires Disease within non-domestic premises in the UK.

“It will be an essential toolkit for all dutyholders, including business owners, building managers and other responsible people. It will help them to understand the A-Z of legionella bacteria, identify the possible risks in water management systems on their premises, enable them to seek information about the implementation of safety guidelines and lookout for new methods to improve safety checks.

“You can read the book cover to cover, flip through the relevant sections or use it as a reference guide as and when you need it – whatever works for you. At the back, you will also find sample recording sheets so you can monitor water temperature yourself and keep a close eye on any changes.”

Health and safety explained by the experts

For a comprehensive guide to the steps you need to take to ensure you and your team remain health and safety compliant, look no further than the guide Fear and Loathing of Health and Safety.

This essential book cuts through the red tape and avoids complicated jargon to help make health and safety easier than ever.

With more than 20 years each in the health and safety industry, Ian and Neil are the perfect people to guide you through the processes involved, covering everything from the history of health and safety in the UK to the core basics. You’ll also be empowered to create your own health and safety policy.

Since its launch, the book has already received a large number of five-star reviews on Amazon including this one:

“This guide was clear and informative, with up to date and relevant information, but written in an easy to understand way, with text broken down in a visually pleasing way.

“It includes the history of health and safety, a breakdown of the hierarchy of current regulations with where to find the most up to date information, some facts and figures which just bring home the importance of following the health and safety regulations.

“The book also goes on to discuss the importance of having an appointed health and safety person within your business, and how to figure out which way is the best to suit your business (plus some invaluable tips on finding the right consultant for you!).

“This is just the tip of the iceberg as the book contains so much more than this. A great way to understand health and safety!”

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