Health and safety: FREE training sessions will ensure you’re on top of latest rules around CDM

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HERE’S an important health and safety question for you.

How much do you and your team really know about the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015)?

With workers involved in construction statistically much more likely to be involved in an accident at work, making sure you’re on top of any changes in the law couldn’t be more important.

That’s why the team at Acorn Safety Services has developed a FREE CDM awareness session, designed to raise awareness of the rules and help protect those working on site.

In this blog, we explain more about the sessions available and how your business can sign up – completely free of charge – today.

Health and safety in the spotlight

The latest health and safety statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) make for difficult reading.

In 2022/23 135 people were killed in accidents at work and 45 of them were involved in construction. Of those accidents, 40 of them were caused by a fall from height, 29 of them were attributed to being struck by a moving object and 20 of them were involved in accidents with a moving vehicle.

While it’s true that the UK remains one of the safest countries in the world for workers, these statistics show there is never any room for complacency and that the health and safety of any worker should always be paramount.

With that in mind, Acorn Safety Services has developed a free CDM awareness session designed to give your team the information they need to identify and react to any potential problems quickly.

Our session will include:

  • A CDM recap
  • The role of the client/principal designer’s role
  • Skill, Knowledge and Experience
  • Baseline and best practice
  • Clarifying roles
  • The role of the Principal Contractor
  • CDM Health and Safety Advisers
  • A Q&A session

These sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn from some of the leading health and safety experts in the UK in a relaxed and informal setting at a time and place to suit you!

Free health and safety sessions – where’s the catch?

Quite simply, there isn’t one.

With health and safety very much in the spotlight at the moment, as one of the leading health and safety consultancies in the UK, we feel we have a moral duty to support and engage with businesses as much as we can. Offering a snapshot of our experience in the form of a free awareness session is just one way we aim to give something back.

Our CDM sessions can be held either in the comfort of your own office or online, giving you complete flexibility as well as unique access to experts for whom health and safety is very much a way of life.

Our friendly team will present you with the very latest health and safety information in a way which is fun and informative, and we’ll always be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Book your session today!

Booking your free CDM awareness session with us couldn’t be easier.

Simply get in touch with our Operations Manager Zeynep Guzelkasap by calling 01604 930380 or by emailing

We’ll then work with you to arrange a training session to suit the individual needs of your business and your teams.

These sessions are likely to book up quickly, so if you are interested in taking part get in touch today to secure your place.

We look forward to meeting and helping you to build a working environment which is safe for everyone.

For all your health and safety needs visit today or contact us at or on 01604 930380.

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