Health and safety: Take steps now to protect yourself from two of the biggest health and safety headaches

Health And Safety Expert Adam Midson

It’s  been a year since Adam Midson joined Acorn Safety Services and this month he celebrated being promoted to Legionella and Fire Manager.

In this blog, Adam explains more about his important role and the ways you can protect yourself and your business from the dangers of two of the biggest health and safety headaches.

A big year for health and safety consultancy Acorn Safety Services

“It’s certainly been a big year for the team at Acorn,” Adam said.

“I’ve loved being part of our health and safety team and getting to know all our clients, who are located right across the UK.

“No day is ever quite the same and you never know what you’re going to come up against, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Acorn and being promoted to Legionella and Fire Manager is the icing on the cake.”

Adam joined Acorn having spent many years working in the water industry, in Legionella, plumbing and remedials and more recently gaining valuable experience carrying out legionella risk assessments as well as fire risk assessments to residential, domestic and commercial buildings.

It’s this area of development which has become a key part of the work Acorn does having created a new team last summer to deal with the growing demand for legionella and fire risk assessments.

“Legionella is something which is hugely important for businesses, as is fire, which can completely become unmanaged within a business.

“With the services we offer, we give our clients complete peace of mind, carrying out risk assessments quickly and efficiently to ensure they get the answers the need. If work needs to be done to get things back on track, we can ensure it is done to the highest standards to protect employees and customers alike.”

Understanding the risks associated with fire and legionella

With the cost of fire damage running into the millions each year it makes sense to ensure your business is safe and protected.

This means carrying our regular assessments as part of your health and safety programme, paying particular attention to fire doors, escape routes, the maintenance of fire extinguishers and training for members of staff.

Fire risk assessments should be carried out annually, or more frequently if there is a change to your office environment or your personnel.

Legionella is also a big problem for businesses, with the dangers particularly high this time of year.

With the warm weather, legionella bacteria in water supplies, pipework and tanks can multiply at an even faster rate, causing serious health problems to those with a compromised immune system or in the elderly.

Water systems where the water is constantly stored at between 20-45°C are thought to be at particular risk.

Exposure to droplets which contain legionella can go on to cause Legionnaires’ Disease, a potentially fatal respiratory disease, which is much more common in the over 50s.

Businesses including hotels and those with spa pools need to take particular care, as the associated risks are even greater.

The only way to protect yourself is by carrying a regular legionella risk assessment, which tests water for the presence of legionella bacteria.

If legionella is found, Acorn Safety Services offers a complete treatment remediation which, in many cases, uses chlorine to remove the bacteria from the water supply safely.

Adam said: “Because we’re based centrally in Northampton, we can offer support to businesses right across the UK and a joined-up service which can help you resolve your health and safety headaches in one go.

“We have a range of health and safety services to suit everyone so get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.”

For all your health and safety needs visit today or contact us at or on 01604 930380.

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