Don’t become complacent about Covid-19

It is amazing how quickly we can adapt to change. A year ago, you would never expect to be walking around your local supermarket surrounded by people wearing face masks but how many of us now even give it a second’s thought?

The problem is many of us have become so used to the new normal that we are in danger of becoming complacent about the risks presented by Covid-19 and the impact it can have on our staff and businesses.

The number of cases is still growing and in the UK there have been cases where construction sites have been hit by Covid-19 which has resulted in projects worth hundreds of millions of pounds suddenly grinding to a halt.

It’s also worth remembering that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is carrying out spot checks and inspections on all types of businesses in all areas to ensure they are Covid-Secure. To ensure it reaches as many workplaces as possible the HSE is working with trained and approved partners to deliver the spot checks. These partners carry identification from their business and a letter of authorisation from the HSE and you can verify they are legitimate by calling 0300 790 6896.

If you receive a call or a visit from the HSE you have no choice but to participate in the spot check as failure to do so could lead to enforcement action. The inspectors will need to speak to you, your workers and their representatives. Where the HSE finds that businesses are not managing the risks of spreading Coronavirus it will take immediate action. This may include them stopping certain work practices until they are made safe, issuing enforcement notices and prosecuting a business if it fails to comply.

The majority of businesses will understand the need to manage the risks of spreading Coronavirus as the cost to their workforce, their business and potentially to their reputation, if they have mismanaged the situation, can be immense. However, during these challenging economic times making sure they’re keeping abreast with yet more health and safety regulations can feel like an extra headache for industry bosses.

This is where we at Acorn Safety Services come in. Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic we have been working with our clients to ensure that they are working within the Government guidelines to ensure their workplaces are Covid-Secure.

Proportionate steps that workplaces should take include carrying out a Covid-19 risk assessment, maintaining social distancing and keeping their workplace clean with appropriate handwashing and hygiene procedures.

As one of the UK’s leading full-service health and safety consultancies you can trust us to do the hard work to make sure your business is Covid-Secure. We can also help you to meet a diverse range of other health and safety needs within the workplace to comply with statutory requirements. Our friendly team of experts can effectively manage all your health and safety requirements, including managing the risk of Covid-19, construction site health and safety inspections, fire risk assessments and health and safety training.

Our constant endeavour is to help businesses, schools, organisations and local authorities to practise health and safety management to protect people from harm.

If you need help managing the risks of spreading Coronavirus in your workplace or any health and safety advice visit or contact us at or on 01604 930380.

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