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  • Are You Managing Plan B Restrictions In Your Workplace?

    Are you managing Plan B restrictions in your workplace?

    During the past few days there has been lots more debate about Plan B restrictions as we edge closer to their review date on 26 January. The Prime Minister has said he hopes England can ‘ride out’ the latest Covid wave without the need to extend the current Plan B restrictions. Despite the fact the ...

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  • Could Your Business Survive A Health And Safety Fine?

    Could your business survive a health and safety fine?

    In recent years, health and safety fines in the UK have steadily risen, with fines for the most serious offences topping £1 million. As we revealed last week, during 2020/21 hundreds of organisations were prosecuted for health and safety breaches. In total £26.9 million of health and safety fines were given out and the average ...

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  • Work-Related Ill Health Leads To £26.9 Million Of Fines For Firms

    Work-related ill health leads to £26.9 million of fines for firms

    The latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have revealed more than 1.7 million workers suffered from work-related ill health during the past year. Around half of those affected were suffering stress, depression or anxiety, about 500,000 were dealing with work-related musculoskeletal disorders, 400,000 sustained a non-fatal injury at work and 93,000 believe ...

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  • Are Your Fire Doors Safe?

    Are your fire doors safe?

    Fire doors are one of our first lines of defence when a blaze breaks out – this is why they are an essential requirement in all public buildings, offices and factories. Fire doors are specially engineered doors and if used correctly, they stop fires from spreading through a building, giving people time to escape and ...

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  • Did You Mark Workers’ Remembrance Day In 2021?

    Did you mark workers’ remembrance day in 2021?

    At midday on Sunday, people were invited to stop what they were doing an observe a minute’s silence to mark our National Workplace Day of Remembrance. This annual remembrance event was established two years ago to remember all those who have died whilst trying to support their families and our economy. Businesses of all shapes ...

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  • ‘Christmas Decorations Banned In The Office In 2021’

    ‘Christmas decorations banned in the office in 2021’

    During the past few days lots of firms have started posting heart-warming photos and videos on social media of their staff putting up Christmas decorations in their workplaces. It’s great to see colleagues working together to bring a bit of festive cheer to their working day – although apparently not everyone is so keen on ...

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  • Are You Wearing Rpe Correctly?

    Are you wearing RPE correctly?

    A tragic case has highlighted why it is so important to ensure that respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is fitted correctly. As part of a recent investigation, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust breached health regulations on RPE worn by staff during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. ...

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  • Hse Focus On Lung Disease

    HSE focus on lung disease

    Did you know that every week construction workers die from lung diseases caused by exposure to dust and many more suffer from severe chronic long-term lung conditions? During the past few weeks inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have been visiting construction sites across Great Britain to deliver an awareness campaign to highlight ...

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  • Are You Ready For Electrical Fire Safety Week 2021?

    Are you ready for Electrical Fire Safety Week 2021?

    Did you know that on average there are 25,000 fires in non-residential buildings in the UK every year? A significant proportion happen in workplaces and although every workplace is different there are common hazards that you should look out for to reduce your risk. One of the biggest causes of blazes inside and outside the ...

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  • The Cost Of Health And Safety

    The cost of health and safety

    If firms are looking to cut corners, they may be tempted to question the cost of health and safety. Sadly, some people still view health and safety as needless red tape so when it comes to the cost of health and safety they only look at the wages they are paying out or the invoice ...

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  • Focus On Health And Safety Consultant Scott Murrin

    Focus on Health and Safety Consultant Scott Murrin

    At Acorn Safety Services we are incredibly proud of our award-winning team of health and safety consultants. Our health and safety consultants provide an incredible range of services to clients in the construction industry and in a wide variety of other areas, including retail, education, rail, airports, healthcare, offices and residential. An ever-growing demand from ...

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  • Fatal Case Shows Why Risk Assessments Are Vital

    Fatal case shows why risk assessments are vital

    We recently heard about a very sad case which shows why it is so important to carry out risk assessments. The case revolved around a Merseyside shipbuilding and repair company which was fined after an employee was fatally injured when struck by a 31-foot steel post. A few weeks ago, Liverpool Magistrates’ Court heard that ...

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