Northampton General Hospital – CDM Consultancy Case Study

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The finished Pharmacy project

CDM Consultancy – Case Study

At Acorn Safety Services, we work in partnership with our clients to provide health and safety consultancy services, including CDM, fire risk assessments, and legionella risk management, both on schedule and within budget. We address all health and safety challenges without extra expenses, delays, or unwelcome surprises. Our consultancy services are designed to advise and support our clients, helping them to understand and meet their legal obligations regarding the management of health and safety risks.

Pharmacy robots are installed at Northampton General Hospital 



Who are Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust?

Northampton General Hospital (NGH) offers general acute healthcare services to a community of 426,500 in West Northamptonshire, along with specialised hyper-acute stroke, vascular, and renal care for the entire Northamptonshire population.

As an accredited cancer centre, the hospital extends its cancer care services to an expanded demographic of 880,000 individuals residing in Northamptonshire and certain areas of Buckinghamshire. Beyond its primary location near the heart of Northampton, NGH also facilitates outpatient and day surgery services at Danetre Hospital in Daventry.

NGH delivers a comprehensive suite of services including outpatient, diagnostic, inpatient, and day case elective and emergency treatments, alongside an increasing variety of specialist procedures that set it apart from many district general hospitals. Additionally, the hospital offers a limited selection of healthcare services to private patients.

Ongoing Installation Of Robotic System At Northampton General During Cdm Consultancy Project


Northampton General Hospital’s pharmacy is an integral part of the hospital’s infrastructure providing medicines to around 800 in-patients every day. 

Ensuring those medicines are delivered to the right place at the right time quickly and securely is vital, with the hospital relying on automated systems to ensure this process happens smoothly. 

How did we help Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust?

Acorn Safety Services were approached by the hospital to embark on a complex project to design and install a new, fully automated storage system, robot and conveyor into the hospital’s main pharmacy. A full CDM consultancy project.

The CDM Consultancy also included the installation of new lighting, an air conditioning system and IT points and the safe, secure removal of existing asbestos tiles.  

The Finished Filled Robot At Northampton General At The End Of The Cdm Project


Acorn’s Role as the CDM Consultants.

In their role as CDM (Construction Design and Management) consultants for this significant project, Acorn Safety’s team of health and safety specialists served as the principal contractors. They were the primary point of contact for the hospital’s internal team and all external contractors, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process throughout the project’s duration.

The project began with Acorn Safety providing the hospital with a detailed scope of work. This comprehensive plan outlined every phase of the project, from its initial conception and planning stages, through the design process, to the final execution and installation. This meticulous planning was crucial in ensuring that every detail was considered and managed effectively.

While Acorn Safety Services oversaw the asbestos removal from a CDM perspective, the actual removal work was carried out by specialised contractors. Acorn’s expertise in health and safety, particularly in managing hazardous materials, was pivotal in overseeing this complex task. They ensured that the asbestos removal was conducted safely, adhering to strict safety protocols to prevent contamination and exposure, thus safeguarding the health of hospital staff, patients, and the construction teams.

Beyond the asbestos removal, Acorn Safety Services also supervised the comprehensive refurbishment of the pharmacy. This included the soft stripping of existing furnishings, the installation of new ceilings, walls, and flooring, and the redecoration of the space. A significant aspect of the refurbishment was the dismantling of the existing drug dispensing robot and the installation of a new, larger, and more modern drug dispensing robot and conveyor. This upgrade was a critical component of the project, enhancing the efficiency and capacity of the pharmacy’s operations.

The successful completion of the project to the highest standards is a testament to Acorn Safety’s commitment to excellence and its holistic approach to project management. By overseeing every aspect of the project, from the safe removal of hazardous materials to the extensive refurbishment of the pharmacy, Acorn Safety not only met, but exceeded the hospital’s expectations. Their ability to manage a project of this scale and complexity, ensuring timely completion within budget while upholding the highest standards of safety and quality, underscores their expertise and reliability as a leading CDM consultant in the health and safety sector.


What they said about us?

Northampton General Hospital’s Chief Pharmacy Technician, Giovanni Facchiano, described working with Acorn Safety Services as ‘excellent’. He said: “John and his team were very flexible and easy to work with. The building element of our project ran according to schedule and often ahead of schedule.” 

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