IBO Construction Ltd – Health and Safety Consultant Service Case Study

Acorn Safety Services delivers a full range of health and safety consultancy services, including CDM, fire risk assessments, and legionella risk management. We address all your health and safety challenges efficiently, reducing your time, costs, and stress.

Secure your business for the future with cutting-edge health and safety management, adhering to the most comprehensive regulations.

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At Acorn Safety Services, we work in partnership with our clients to provide health and safety consultancy services, including CDM, fire risk assessments, and legionella risk management, both on schedule and within budget. We address all health and safety challenges without extra expenses, delays, or unwelcome surprises. Our consultancy services are designed to advise and support our clients, helping them to understand and meet their legal obligations regarding the management of health and safety risks.

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Who are IBO Construction Ltd

IBO Construction boasts a wealth of experience in the UK construction sector, overseeing both new construction and renovation projects from the initial concept to the final completion. They possess deep expertise in several key sectors, including:

  • The food industry (covering ambient, refrigerated, and frozen storage)
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • The pharmaceutical sector

IBO Construction prioritises a collaborative approach with its clients, ensuring that every project meets the client’s expectations in terms of timing, budget, and quality. Their dedication to client satisfaction has consistently resulted in multiple repeat assignments.


Acorn Safety Services provided expert health and safety consultancy to IBO Construction, a principal contractor with extensive knowledge of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. IBO Construction is dedicated to planning, managing, and overseeing their construction projects to ensure they proceed safely and without health hazards.

The need arose when their client requested a detailed health and safety report for project meetings. Although IBO Construction had a capable site management team, they recognised the benefit of obtaining an independent assessment of their project. They believed that an external review could provide valuable insights into improving their operational procedures.


Acorn Safety Services was invited by IBO Construction to conduct a trial health and safety assessment on one of their sites. This initial evaluation was comprehensive, including photographic evidence to highlight both strengths and areas for improvement. Impressed by the thoroughness and insights provided in the report, IBO Construction decided to extend Acorn Safety Services’ consultancy across all their projects. Over the past three years, Acorn has successfully completed more than twelve projects for IBO Construction, demonstrating the ongoing value of their services.

One of the key outcomes of this partnership has been a notable enhancement in IBO Construction’s health and safety record. Since the collaboration began, there have been no incidents reportable under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR), a testament to the efficacy of implementing rigorous health and safety standards.

Acorn Safety Services has also contributed significantly to improving the documentation used by IBO Construction’s site management teams for daily health and safety (H&S) record-keeping. This has streamlined the process, ensuring that all necessary information is accurately and efficiently recorded.

Acorn Safety Services now conducts regular audits on all IBO Construction sites as an independent health and safety consultancy. These audits are comprehensive, covering all aspects of site safety from access and egress arrangements, document management, and Contractor Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS), to site signage, Toolbox Talks (TBTs), inductions, material storage, and welfare facilities. Through these audits, Acorn advises on compliance with UK health and safety regulations, ensuring that IBO Construction not only meets but exceeds statutory requirements.


IBO Construction has seen a tangible improvement in its health and safety performance, demonstrating the value of independent, expert consultancy in maintaining high standards of safety and compliance on construction sites. This partnership not only enhances the safety and well-being of all site personnel but also contributes to the overall success and reputation of IBO Construction in the competitive UK construction industry.

Projects Include

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Location: Warrington
Contract Value: £6,000,000
Duration: 12-month programme
Project Description: Internal fit out of warehouse structure to include conveyor systems, lighting and power, sprinklers, fire a
Ibo Construction 1
Location: Dorking
Contract Value: £5,500,000
Duration: 8-month programme
Project Description: Construction of a single-storey factory unit incorporating three-storey offices and external works.
Ibo Construction 2
Location: Coalville
Contract Value: £7,200.000
Duration: 16-month programme
Project Description:

IBO acted as Principal Contractor with Acorn Safety Services as Health & Safety Consultant. On this project, we also acted as an incident investigation consultant where the builder of the building shell caused damage whilst undertaking completion works

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IBO Construction 1

IBO Construction Ltd – Health and Safety Consultant Service Case Study

Acorn Safety Services partnered with IBO Construction Ltd to elevate their health and safety standards, conducting comprehensive audits and providing expert consultancy. This collaboration led to a significant improvement in IBO's safety record, with no RIDDOR incidents, showcasing the importance of independent health and safety assessments in the construction industry.