Case Study -Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) the responsible thing to do 1st!

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We at Acorn Health and Safety undertake Planned Preventative Maintenance or PPM in a variety of commercial properties and locations. Remedial work is many times more expensive than prevention. One such client was a Nursery School that takes a proactive, responsible attitude to Legionella prevention. This establishment has never tested positive for Legionella but takes the attitude of ‘lets keep it that way’. Whilst our client remains confidential, we can give you the details of the work that we undertook to ensure that all the water systems in the school building were correctly flushed out and maintained.

The Initial Consultation on Planned Preventative Maintenance

At Acorn Health and Safety we believe in active client involvement, this starts from the moment of first contact. We attended at the school premises and conducted an in-depth initial discussion of what our client wanted, why this was needed, when they wanted the work to start and how we would fit in with our client’s needs with minimum disruption to the day to day activities within the school. Our Senior Manager then inspected and surveyed the premises with a thorough write up of the work that was to take place. This was then agreed by the client.

The Day of the Planned Preventative Maintenance

What we did

We were asked by the client to act as their ‘one stop shop’ therefore we engaged a specialist subcontractor to undertake the physical work whilst we supervised this work and updated the Risk Assessments and Certifications which we forwarded to our client on completion. We attended to the site at the agreed time and did a fresh visual check of the work ensuring that all personnel were aware of what was being completed, how it was to be completed and addressing any concerns about that day’s activity. With the subcontractor, we did another walk round looking at all the areas that had to be worked on and discussed any problem areas and solutions. We work with RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) and ensure that they were adhered to, as we do in all our work.

Throughout the day we monitored the work activities and photographed before and after.

The first item to be identified and then isolated was the water tank and pump.

The Water Pump And Tank During The Planned Preventative Maintenance

The technicians then identified, removed, drained and cleaned the expansion vessels.

Picture Of An Expansion Vessel During The Planned Preventative Maintenance
Dismantling And Cleaning An Expansion Vessel During The Planned Preventative Maintenance

Most importantly the water tank had to be drained, disinfected and then refilled with potable water. As you can this was done in an area of very limited access.

Emptying The Water Tank During The Planned Preventative Maintenance

The next items to be worked on were the taps. The highest priority is to clean any scale that has accumulated as well at to change the internal filter.

A Tap Filter For Replacement During The Planned Preventative Maintenance

Having completed all the above work the water system can be refilled. Everything can then be Certified and the school can be sure of never having a problem with Legionella.

What did the Client have to say about Acorn and Planned Preventative Maintenance?

‘After the works had been carried out, it was a weight off my shoulders. Having to look after children with all kinds of susceptibility ranges it is of paramount importance that we do everything we can to eliminate risk. Adam and his team organised different quotes from companies to carry out the necessary works from the Legionella risk assessment, they then introduced us to the engineers and walked us both around the site and let the engineers know exactly what was required and what was expected of them. He then liaised with me and my team hourly and the engineers to make sure all ran smoothly. Once the engineers had completed the works and reinstated supply throughout the areas were all made clean and safe for the children and staff to return. Adam Project managed the site and has sent me the completion certificates of all works carried out.

We chose Acorn due to their prompt response and clear communication and were not disappointed.

Going forward we will always use Acorn’

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